Pricelist for German voice-over fees
My voice-over rates and fees


voice-over (narration, intern, p.o.s.)small businessesmid-sized companiesbig industry
up to 2 min.175,00 EUR225,00 EUR300,00 EUR
up to 5 min.250,00 EUR300,00 EUR400,00 EUR
up to 10 Minutes350,00 EUR425,00 EUR525,00 EUR
up to 15 Minutes450,00 EUR550,00 EUR650,00 EUR
up to 20 Minutes550,00 EUR675,00 EUR775,00 EUR
up to 25 Minutes625,00 EUR775,00 EUR900,00 EUR
up to 30 Minutes700,00 EUR850,00 EUR1000,00 EUR
every minute more10,00 EUR12,50 EUR15,00 EUR
elearning, podcast
up to 2 min.175,00 EUR175,00 EUR250,00 EUR
up to 5 min.150,00 EUR250,00 EUR300,00 EUR
every Minute more10,00 EUR12,50 EUR15,00 EUR
use: intern, internet (podcast)
Studioevery hour80,00 EUR
Translations55 Charakter1,50 – 3,50 EUR
Express (overnight)100,00 EUR
Buy OutTVRadioInternet
per 1 year100%100%50%
TV-Commercial (Layout + Buyout)500 EUR750 EUR1000 EUR

For detailed Proposal, please contact me